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PopJustice: Harnessing the power and potential of digital content for social good



Monday, 15 October 2018




YouTube Space London, 6 Pancras Road, London N1C 4AG

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TalkMedia & Entertainment

PopJustice: Harnessing the power and potential of digital content for social good

Still from '#findingnenek - The Girl in the Batik Dress' ©2018 Nadir Nahdi/Youtube Creators for Change

Nadir Nahdi (YouTube Creators for Change) in conversation with Bridgit Antoinette Evans, Executive Director of the Pop Culture Collaborative on the power of social media and digital content in connecting younger audiences with positive messages about migrants and refugees.

This event will be a chance to discuss representation and diversity in the creative industries, to reflect on the reach and impact of YouTube creators and to explore how best to support their content creation. We’ll discuss how the subject of refugees and migrants is portrayed on social/digital media, how we can encourage connections between creators and activists, how to encourage more authentic narratives and stories about refugees to filter into the mainstream, and what role there is for philanthropy to support in this space.

Self-publishing and personal YouTube channels are phenomena that are giving diverse groups of people a platform and present exciting new avenues for content creation. YouTubers are reaching out to large networks about issues that matter to younger audiences and are playing an influential role in communicating positive messages about refugees and migrants.

// YouTubeCreators for Change is a global initiative that supports creators to tackle social issues and promote awareness, tolerance and empathy on their YouTube Channels.

// The Pop Culture Collaborative is an innovative hub, based in the US, for high impact partnerships and grants designed to help organisations and individuals leverage the reach and power of pop culture for social justice goals.


Nadir Nahdi

​Nadir Nahdi is the founder and creator of BENI, an online project highlighting young people from diverse backgrounds with the aim of reclaiming the misrepresented narrative they face from mainstream media. His “Happy British Muslims!” video of Muslims dancing went viral in 2014. Nahdi’s channel BENI is part of the YouTube Creators for Change fellowship program, as well as YouTube’s Internet Citizens program. ​

Bridgit Antoinette Evans


Bridgit Antoinette Evans is Executive Director of US-based Pop Culture Collaborative. Bridgit is a thought leader in the culture change strategy field who has dedicated her career to the relentless investigation of the potential of artists to drive cultural change in society.