PopChange (Pop Culture & Social Change) is a pioneering initiative led by Counterpoints Arts exploring how the power of pop culture can be harnessed for social change in order to shift the way we talk, think and feel about migration and displacement in the UK. Together with a network of cultural innovators, creators, producers, funders and activists, we are championing new ideas and cross-sector collaborations.

This initiative was seed-funded by Unbound Philanthropy and the Open Society Foundation. It is inspired by the US-based Pop Culture Collaborative and developed in conversation with the 2017 report: Riding The Waves: How pop culture has the potential to catalyze social change in the UK.

Who We Work With

PopChange works with a network of artists, content creators, influencers, producers, journalists, industry leaders and social justice activists. We aim to champion diverse and authentic voices, and promote partnerships across the cultural, philanthropy and social justice sectors.

How We Work

PopChange co-produces salons and networking events, and commissions new work with the potential to counter anti-migration narratives. We kickstart innovative collaborations across the pop culture and social change sectors. Sharing learning is core to our work.

Our Focus

PopChange is focusing on key areas of UK culture: football, fashion, gaming and comedy, with media and entertainment as a cross-cutting theme. We believe these pop culture arenas provide creative opportunities to reach new audiences with migration at the centre of the cultural conversation.

We’re celebrating diversity and putting it at the heart of UK culture, where it belongs.

Join Us

PopChange can make things happen with your support. The ideas, ambition and energy of the talent around us will bring the change that’s needed. 

Engage with us. Learn and share with us.
Join us to make a difference.