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Game Time Happy Hour with Black Girl Gamers



Friday, 19 March 2021





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This game is rated ‘E’ for Everyone (generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.)


We will share links to the live stream on all our socials.

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Anyone can watch the live stream but to participate in the chatbox discussion, you will need a Twitch account (see details here for how to join).

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Game Time Happy Hour with Black Girl Gamers

Join gamers, comedians and creatives over on Twitch as they compete in our livestreamed ‘Game Time Happy Hour’ hosted by Black Girl Gamers

They’ll be competing for the crown of “Tastiest Cake” in the bonkers game of Cake Bash, while chatting about the games they’ve grown up with and are excited by now; together with the value of gaming communities, and reflections on what’s happening around diverse representation in the gaming world. 

Hosted by InDeeDee (Black Girl Gamers) and featuring contestants Evan Narcisse (Narrative Designer, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales), Stephanie Ijoma (Founder, NNESAGA) and Mo Omar (Comedian). 

This is Counterpoints Arts’ first public gaming event commissioned through its Pop Culture and Social Change (PopChange) initiative on shifting narratives of migration and displacement. We invite you all to come watch the livestream, cheer them on and join in the discussion (note: anyone can watch the livestream and chat box but to participate in the discussion you need to create an account on Twitch). 


— Joining: Note that this is a livestreamed event on the Twitch platform. Anyone can watch the livestream but to participate in the chatbox discussion, you will need a Twitch account (see details here for how to join). 

— Registering: Get reminded about the event by selecting the event reminder on Twitch or registering on Eventbrite to be emailed a direct link to the livestream on the day. We’ll be sharing links to the livestream on social media. 

 Chatbox Rules: The chat box will be moderated by Black Girl Gamers. Please note their rules for participating:  

  • No Racism, anti-LGBTQA or ableism, hate speech or sexism is permitted here. Our ban hand is strong. You have been warned. 
  • No backseat gaming. 
  • Be respectful. 
  • Only Mods are allowed to post links. 
  • No self-promotion. 

 Rating: This game is rated ‘E’ for Everyone: Generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.  The live-stream will be safe for all viewers, however, the Chat Box may contain light profanity at times — you can toggle the Chat Box closed at any time. 


Black Girl Gamers is an online safe space and platform that heightens the visibility of Black Women in Gaming and advocates for Diversity & Inclusion. Created by Jay-Ann Lopez in 2015, they currently have over 7000 members from all over the world, run amazing IRL events and create online content to support diversity and inclusion in the industry. 

PopChange (Pop Culture & Social Change) is a pioneering initiative led by Counterpoints Arts exploring how the power of pop culture can be harnessed for social change in order to shift the way we talk, think and feel about migration and displacement in the UK.


Deanne @InDeeDee


Hi there, my name is InDeeDee! I’m Twtich streamer and host specializing in gaming, interviewing, reviewing & stream school teachings. I enjoy giving all kinds of advice & growing communities with my knowledge and passion for streaming & gaming. Deanne is on the POC in Play X BAFTA Games #BHMGames100 list 2020.

Evan Narcisse


Evan Narcisse is a writer and consultant who works in video games, comic books, and TV. He was a journalist and critic for many years, having previously written for The Atlantic, Time Magazine, Kotaku, io9, and The New York Times.

Mo Omar


Somali-born, Cardiff-raised and London-based, Mo Omar is a fast-rising stand-up comedian with a unique perspective on culture, faith and love. Recently making his TV debut on Harry Hills Clubnite on Channel 4, Mo was a finalist in the BBC Introducing Radio 4 Comedy Award and won the Leicester Square New Comedian Of The Year competition in 2017.

Stephanie Ijoma


Games consultant & Founder at NNESAGA, Stephanie Ijoma has created one of U.K's leading gaming and entertainment platforms that strives towards championing diversity, inclusion and representation within the space. NNESAGA has been featured in Forbes, WWD, BBC, Guardian, CNBC and more.