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Lalita Taylor

  • Lalita Taylor

    Lalita is currently leading a knowledge-sharing project at the BBC where editorial meets tech, digital, social and engineering. She organises labs, conferences and lunchtime talks for BBC staff and the industry. The project’s focus this season is AI, Data and Personalisation, with the next season moving on to questioning how to reach the under 35s and the underrepresented.

    Lalita has been a journalist for 30 years and has worked on a variety of programmes across BBC News including World Service and leading on BBC Breakfast’s social media delivery. She’s also worked with many charities and devised award-winning campaigns for Samaritans, Best Beginnings, Working with Men, British Federation of Women Graduates, National Council of Women and many more. She is a founding trustee for the Fathers Development Foundation, working with a team of visionary people who aim to inform and create a climate for positive change.