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Hassan Mahamdallie

  • Hassan Mahamdallie

    Hassan Mahamdallie is an artist, playwright, theatre director, writer and specialist in diversity and the arts. A senior policymaker and consultant, he authored Arts Council England’s unique approach: The Creative Case for Diversity. He has delivered keynotes on the creative case to cultural sectors in the UK, Europe, the US and South Africa. He was until recently Director of the Muslim Institute, and helps edit its journal Critical Muslim, for which he is its roving reporter. He is the founder of theatre company Dervish Productions.

    His last play, The Crows Plucked Your Sinews, is about Somalis in Britain and Britain in Somalia. He is presently writer for Common Wealth theatre company’s forthcoming devised drama on the UK arms trade (2019). Published books include a biography of Victorian artist/activist William Morris and a history of Black British Radicals. He also blogs for the Dream Deferred site on 1970s Punk music.


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